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We are on established firm of Chartered Accountants providing trusted advice to businesses and individuals in Walthomstow  and Romford, East London.

BookKeeping & Vat

What we can do for you Outsource your complete bookkeeping function. Or take advice on your bookkeeping process and in organizing your records. Occasional processing support. Providing online cloud based accounting solution for you. We will Provide you best Bookkeeping Solutions. Training your staff to develop their bookkeeping skills.

Payroll & Pension

All employers are required by law to calculate and pay tax and national insurance contributions for each employee. There’s also legal documentation related to payroll that must be kept in order. With constant changes in employment legislation and tax laws, the payroll process is increasingly difficult to administer, and payroll is an area of your business you really don’t want to get wrong.

Company Account & Tax

nditure. Registering information about your company and filing annual reports and accounts puts the information in the public domain. This ensures that anyone can find out basic facts and figures about your company. As well as complying with your statutory obligations, this also ensures that your company is run in a transparent and accountable manner.

Personal Tax

Taxwell can help you complete and file your company’s annual return and annual accounts, ensuring you never miss a deadline. We can also help keep your company’s paperwork in apple pie order by dealing with company director or secretary changes and any other notifications you have a legal obligation to file.

Company Creation & Startups

Intense is an International Financial Planning company with offices in multiple jurisdictions over the world. Working with Intense gives me the ability to advise international expatriates. I am John Doe, a senior advisor for an independently owned financial planning company called Financeco.

Why Choose Us

Professional & approachable

We are professional in our approach. We act with honesty, integrity and ensure professional competence & due care.

We are flexible

We are flexible in our times and can arrange to meet you out of office hours and on weekends allowing you to focus on your core business during the week.

We are reliable

We are reliable and wont let you down. we keep track of your deadlines and will not let you miss them.

We respond within hours

We will respond to you with in 24 hours weather it is regarding a request for information, help or an answer to a simple question.

About Us

Our organisation is a team of professionally qualified and experienced individuals who are committed to add value and optimize the benefits accrued to our clients. Our services are being rendered with state-of-art technology and in a very contemporary manner. We take your goals and ambitions to heart. We commit to your business success and growth. We aim to look closer into your business and getting you to understand and improve your financial records.

Our Aim

We are committed to achieving our goal and always aim to:
  • Maintain a long lasting work relationship with our clients
  • Maintain financial records at highest quality
  • Value-Added so everything is geared towards creating value
  • Help you achieve your business objectives
  • Respond to you with in 24 hours always
  • Not let you miss any deadline
  • Keep you on top of your record keeping requirements
  • Be easy to reach, understand and speak to
  • Have absolute clarity on our fees.

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